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Wednesday November 14

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2:00 PM  –  2:15 PM

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BODYSUITS by Sarah Sitkin

Sarah Sitkin is a multidisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, whose latest work, ‘Bodysuits’  is a collection of hyper realistic human skins made into wearable garments. Each Bodysuit is a work of art as well as a functional tool for mediation on identity, empathy and locating the Self. All the bodysuits are created meticulously by a team of highly skilled artists, from direct silicone molds of real bodies. Every suit is complete with fine details such as freckles, moles and hairs as well as a fully lined interior with varying fabrics to give each Bodysuit its unique look and wearing experience. The result is an experience of literally stepping into someone else’s skin. 

Starting on Monday, August 20th, a limited number of fitting sessions will be offered to try on a bodysuit. Please note that the bodysuits differ in size, and weight, and some limitations do apply.


Capacity: 1 fitting per person at the allotted times.


Clothing requirements for trying on a bodysuit:

1. Choose close-fitting garments that cover the torso (including genitals).

2. Leotards, unitards, leggings and/or yoga pants/shorts are okay.

3. Black color is preferable, but fabrics that have matching skin tones also work well.

4. Fabrics must have no buttons, pins or protruding elements.

5. Please be prepared to remove all jewelry before entering the fitting room.

6. Please refer to the minimum coverage requirements image below. Remember that the more of your actual skin is exposed, the better the bodysuit will look and fit!