Parents, Let's Talk Mental Health: Understanding Guilt and Shame

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Thursday March 3

12:00 PM  –  1:00 PM


Parents, Lets Talk Mental Health with Menninger Series

Virtual lunchtime series features experts from The Menninger Clinic.

Many tend to confuse guilt with shame - the two words are related but express different emotions. Guilt is a feeling of remorse when you have done wrong. On the other hand, shame is a feeling that you, yourself, are wrong and is a psychologically unhelpful concept and experience.

For the March session of this series, staff psychologist at The Menninger Clinic, Kerry Horrell, will discuss with parents how they can talk to their children when the youngsters have made a mistake. She’ll also share with parents how shaming children can lead to anxiety, depression and self-harm. She will include ways to reduce shame through acceptance and how to protect children from shame by helping them develop a robust sense of compassion for themselves and others. 

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The Menninger Clinic, a nationally recognized mental health leader in Houston, joins The Health Museum to offer parents and caregivers helpful mental health information through a free, virtual bi-monthly series, 12pm - 1pm.